If you’re interested in building a great blog, you really can’t go wrong with WordPress. WordPress is an amazing content management system, especially when it comes to blogging. WordPress provides you with all of the tools you need if you want to make your site a success.

With that said, not all WordPress sites are equal. There are some sites that are clearly better than others. If you look at what you consider to be the three best WordPress blogs online, you’ll be able to learn more about WordPress.

Look At The Themes Your Favorite Blogs Use


Every WordPress site uses some sort of theme. The right WordPress theme will impact your site’s appearance, and it may provide a number of other features as well. If you want to run a successful blog, having the right theme is going to be essential.

Scroll down to the footer of your favorite blogs. Try to see if you can find the themes these blogs use. While some blogs use custom themes, other blogs may use a theme that you can purchase or download for your own use.

Pay Attention To Their Content Layout

While you should definitely look at the theme your favorite blogs use, you should also look at what they’re doing with that theme. What kind of layout do they have for their content? Are you happy with the way their theme looks?

It’s smart to draw inspiration from some of your favorite blogs. You don’t need to copy them exactly; you just need to learn from them. Look at how they layout their content. See if that kind of layout might work for your site.

Take A Closer Look At Their Menus


A lot of people underestimate just how important menus are. If your menus are difficult to navigate, people that visit your site may not be able to find what they need.

Look at the menus on your preferred blogs. How long does it take you to access your favorite pages? See what you can learn from their menus.

See What Kind Of Plugins The Best Blogs Are Using

One of the biggest perks that WordPress offers users are plugins. There are all kinds of plugins available on WordPress, from free plugins to plugins that you have to pay for.

Check to see what kinds of plugins the blogs you love are using. If any of these plugins are available to download, you should check them out. If you do wind up using some of these plugins, you may wind up having a lot of fun with them. The right plugins can change a site in all kinds of ways. Look for plugins that will make your site even better.

Like any tool, you’ll get more out of WordPress if you put more into it. If you evaluate the three best WordPress blogs online, you’ll get some ideas that will help you to get more out of WordPress. Eventually, you’ll be able to build the kind of blog that can compete with the best.

Looking At The Three Best WordPress Blogs Online

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